Camp Alpha VR



Camp Alpha is a serious single-player game set in a Virtual Reality camping ground. It was designed for people with chronic pain and the inability to move certain parts of their bodies. By utilizing the mirror therapy technique we have managed to create that experience to both be therapy and not feel like it's therapy. Collect all the fruits, set the camping fire, and enjoy the virtual nature of Camp Alpha VR! Requires Oculus Quest to play.


  • Cover/Poster design/art

  • 3D props art

  • 3D props texturing

  • Mechanics idea/design


  • Ivian Kasabov- artist/designer

  • Naduah Klencke- artist

  • Renze Meijer- artist

  • Christian Schawe- developer

  • Elena Ballan- developer/designer

  • Noah Berkhout- developer


  • ​Unity

  • 3DS Max

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop