Draw Out


Draw Out is a fast-paced single-player platformer game set in a fictional household environment. In the game, you are a hamster with special drawing abilities and many pickups at your disposal. You can use your drawings as a weapon or as "stepping stones" and try your best to gather all the keys in time, in order to escape the house. Don't forget your favorite snack- broccoli! Be careful around the mean cat, the sharp spikes, and the cruel traps! 


  • Ingame UI art/design

  • 2D vector game/level art

  • 2D character design/art

  • 2D frame animation

  • Mechanics design


  • Ivian Kasabov- main artist

  • Kaan Ayvaz- developer

  • Teo Enica- developer/level designer

  • Ekko Malinov- UI artist (menus)

  • Armands Bush- background artist


  • ​Unity

  • Adobe Illustrator